Netizens have labeled “Single’s Inferno 2” contestant Lee Min Su the show’s “villain” for her “shady” treatment of Lee Nadine

She has become the most hated person in the country.

After the first season of Single’s Inferno did well, Netflix brought it back for a second season.

The show is about a group of single Korean men and women who go to the deserted island “Inferno” to try to find love so they can go to the resort “Paradise” with the person they like.

As expected, now that there are a lot of new contestants, Internet users are talking about the new show and the people who are in it.

Even though the show is almost over, new contestants have just started to appear on it. Along with fan favorite Kim Se Jun, Lim Min Su was also introduced as a new contestant.

As soon as she started talking about herself, she admitted that she seemed soft and talkative on the outside.

She is very strong, though. When she has to deal with something, she does it “head-on.”

Like most of the other contestants, Min Su seemed to like Kim Jin Young when she first got to the island. When she went to “Paradise” for the first time, she chose the most handsome contestant.

Yet, even though the contestant was praised for her beauty at first, she now seems to be the villain of this year’s show, and it’s all because of Lee Nadine, who is a fan favorite.

Throughout the series, Harvard student Nadine has stood out for her smarts, her good looks, and her charming personality.

After having a hard time finding a guy for her, she fell in love with Jin Young.

From the first time they met, internet users were obsessed with how the two got along.

Many Internet users even noticed that Jin Young would change the way he talked to make Nadine feel more at ease.

In the most recent episodes, Nadine came in third place in a game where she could choose someone to go to “Paradise” with her.

She went to talk to Jin Young before making her choice, and it was clear that they had a lot in common.

But while they were talking, the camera moved quickly to Lim Min Su, who was coming toward them.

Lee Min Su walked in while Nadine and Jin Young were talking.

Even though the timing couldn’t have been worse, when Nadine greeted her fellow contestant, she showed who she really was.

When they sat down, there was a strange silence… But Nadine kept being the better person.

Even though she had been there first, she gave Min Su her blanket and left the two to talk.

After the episode, Min Su seemed to become “Public Enemy Number One” because netizens couldn’t hide their anger at what she did.

Even though they had been to “Paradise” together and Min Su knew how Nadine felt about him, she still chose him.

When Min Su took Jin Young to “Paradise” for the first time, he made it clear that he didn’t see her as a romantic interest and that he wanted to talk to other people.

This made the decision even worse. He even brought it up again when they left the island for the second time.

There are only two more episodes left of the show, and it will be interesting to see how the contestants’ relationships continue to grow.

Even though Min Su may have irritated netizens, many of them hope that she will change.



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