“Wednesday” Star Emma Myers Advises Listening To This Song From SEVENTEEN To Fall In Love With Them

She again showed that she is a certified CARAT.

Emma Myers‘ performance as Enid Sinclair in the hugely popular Netflix show Wednesday, which has become the second-most watched English-language series on the platform, was praised by fans all over the world.

The actress also got a lot of attention when she said she is a huge fan of K-pop.

Emma wasn’t embarrassed to talk about how she became a fan of her ultimate group, SEVENTEEN, and who she liked best in the group.

Her devotion to the boys has led to many cute Y/N (Your Name) interactions between her and her favorite idols, making her the envy of all CARATs, SEVENTEEN‘s official fandom.

Emma‘s love for K-Pop has even gotten in the way of her work to promote Wednesday.

Emma proudly introduced SEVENTEEN to the world on Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show.

She also explained the meaning of their name, showing that she’s a real fan.

Jimmy also asked her to recommend a song from the group that he could add to his playlist.

Emma didn’t hesitate and said, “My favorite song is called “To You,” and I think most people would like it.” It is a lot of fun. It’s lively. It’s based on a great story.”

Even the host had to admit that her excitement about the band was contagious.

SEVENTEEN thanked Emma and Jimmy for the shout-out on Twitter, giving the actress yet another “Y/N” moment.

Emma‘s positive attitude and willingness to keep trying will hopefully bring more people to K-Pop! Below, you can watch the whole interview.

At the 0:53 mark, Emma tells Jimmy and his audience about SEVENTEEN.



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