BTS’s Jimin Causes Panic On The Internet With His Sexy “W Korea” Cover Photoshoot

Look at all six of his covers here.

W Korea just announced that Jimin from BTS will be on the cover of Volume 2 2023.

Even though his face wasn’t shown in the teaser video for the photoshoot, ARMY quickly figured out that the new cover star is Jimin.

W. Korea gave hints about the artist and, in the end, told who he was.

“How many words can we come up with to describe Jimin? The unrivaled tone captures the ears at once, a dance spectrum with both delicacy and intensity, explosive energy on stage, and a charm that reverses….” W Korea

“In a picture of “West Korea,” Jimin was standing in front of a pile of flowers that were in full bloom. Very soon, dozens of pages will come out with great pictures and in-depth interviews that show off Jimin’s unique charms.”W Korea

There are 6 different covers of Jimin that can be bought and show off his many different qualities. From photos in black and white…

…to self-camera style photo shoots…

…to a colorful show of his beautiful pictures!

Fans can buy each magazine for 9,500 Won, which is about $7.51 USD, or they can buy all six covers for 57,000 Won, which is about $45.09 USD.

Click here to see the full teaser video.



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