IVE’s Jang Wonyoung and Leeseo Under Fire for “Obviously” Lip-Syncing at MBC Gayo Daejejeon

Netizens are criticizing IVE members for lip-syncing.

Netizens talked about how IVE‘s Jang Won Young and Leeseo did a special cover of IU‘s “Strawberry Moon” on “2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon” on an online community forum.

People said they were “lip-syncing” instead of dancing and that they were using the same audio recording from their previous cover of the song, which was posted on their YouTube channel.

Even though lip-syncing is common in K-Pop, netizens criticized it because it was an old cover and they were “seated,” which didn’t leave much room for an explanation. Some people said, “This is why even good singers who are idols get hate.”

A Netizen also made clips comparing the two cover videos.

Some Internet users defended the two members by saying that IVE must have been so busy that they didn’t have time to prepare or practice.

Reactions include:

“Even when they sang, they didn’t have to try… I was so shocked when my family and I saw this on TV.”

“It’s not okay for them to lip-sync to a song they already recorded on their channel.”

“Lip-syncing also takes work, and this was just too painful to watch.”

“It just looked like a competition to see who could be prettier on screen.”

“Why couldn’t they just ask Ahn Yu Jin and Liz to sing if they had to?”

“But to be honest, even the recorded version surprises me”

“I don’t think they had much time because IVE was so busy. That’s why they just chose a cover that was already out there.”

“I watched both cover videos at the same time, and they are the same.”

“This is a lot.”

“I don’t want to criticize them, but I hate MBC for asking them to do this.”

“If they didn’t even try to make a new pre-recorded version, aren’t they just not putting in the bare minimum? This is just putting on a show—not it’s a performance.”

“So many idols are good and have good skills. It is unforgivable to lip-sync on such a big stage that most people would wait a lifetime for and to do so with a cover song from months ago.”

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