“I feel like crying” — NewJeans’ New Song “OMG” Will Have You Hooked With Its Addictive Beat Based on Spoilers

People on the Internet are listening to the beats of “OMG” by NewJeans.

On an online community forum, people talk about the beats from “Ditto‘s” music video. Fans think that those beats are a sneak peek at their next song, “OMG,” which will be on the same single album.

Netizens also think that “OMG” will have the same choreography as the MV clip, which you can see below. Here is where you can hear the clean edit of the beats.

Netizens are thrilled that the new song will be a hit, especially if these are the beats of “OMG.” Most people say that the rhythm and the notes are “extremely addicting.”

Comments include:

“WOW, this is AMAZING!”

“That’s it.”

“That’ll be it!”

“Crazy good”

“This is so good I can’t believe it”

“My ears are in heaven already”

“I am so excited about this already”

“I feel like crying”


“I am already addicted”

Keep an eye out for the full version of “OMG” to come out on January 2 at 6 PM KST.

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