NewJeans’ Minji Reveals They Knew “Attention” Would Be a Hit and the Reason is Too Relatable

The K-Pop girl group NewJeans became famous all over the world overnight. Their arrival was so important and successful that they now hold the record for the most albums sold in the first week of an album’s release. This is true even though their first single, “Attention,” came out of the blue.

Some might say that no one could have known how big NewJeans would become, but the members had unwavering faith in themselves and their company’s CEO, Min Hee Jin, who was in charge of branding famous SM Entertainment groups like Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet.

When asked on the variety show “You Quiz On The Block” how they felt when they heard that “Attention” and “Hype Boy” were at the top of the charts, Minji said, “We heard “Attention” two years before the debut. We did it every day for two years, but we never got sick and tired of it. So we knew that “Attention” would be popular.

Yoo Jae Suk‘s eyes and mouth opened wide when he heard that the girls had been practicing the same song for more than two years.

Min Hee Jin said that when she went to “You Quiz On The Block” in December 2021, all of NewJeans‘ songs were already done, but she couldn’t talk about them.

In the long run, the NewJeans members and Min Hee Jin‘s hard work and patience paid off. Some people might not have seen it coming, but the girls had worked hard for years, so they were sure they would do well.

Min Hee Jin told them that she hoped they would keep doing well and be happy now that they were out in the world.

You can see the whole video below. At the 2:57 mark, the group talks about how NewJeans became a hit overnight.



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