Netizens talk about NewJeans Minji’s large and pretty hands

As NewJeans grows into one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of this generation, its members are getting fans from all over the world.

Everywhere the girls go, they are always the talk of the town. Recently, netizens have been talking about member Minji‘s beautiful hands, which are a bit bigger than anyone expected.

Many netizens were surprised, since Minji is known for her girly and cute looks. No one thought her hands would be so big.

In an online community, one user posted different pictures of Minji‘s hands and a picture of her with one hand on her face.

Surprisingly, Minji‘s hand went half an inch further than her face.

Fans sometimes wanted to see how big their hands were compared to Minji‘s, and many fans’ hands were much smaller than the artists’.

Even though Minji‘s hands are so big, the netizen said that they are so pretty.

Many other netizens agreed with the first one and said that Minji‘s hands look delicate no matter how big they are.

Netizens’ Commented:

“Her hands are so beautiful and big.”

“Her fingers are so skinny and so long. Her hands are very attractive.”

“To be honest, I never looked at her hands because I was so focused on her face.”

“Wow, I thought her face was small, but her hands are huge, daebak!”

“When Minji first came out in public, I thought she was innocent and pure, but her way of talking and personality are so cool that you can’t help but like her.”

“Her hands are big, so her face looks small.”

“I want to see how my hands compare to Minji‘s.”

“She’s beautiful in every way.”

“I thought it was because her face isn’t very big… But when I look at her phone and drink cup, I think her hands are very large.”

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