Song Hye Kyo Allegedly Requested to Delete All Her Photos and Videos From “The Glory” Press Conference

There have been rumors that actress Song Hye Kyo asked for her photos and videos from “The Glory” to be taken down.

Some YouTube channels and online communities are saying that Song Hye Kyo, who is about to be in the Netflix original series “The Glory,” asked for her photos and videos to be taken down from different sites.

At the request of the “The Glory” production team, both the promotional video for “The Glory,” which was posted on YouTube before, and the character poster, which came out today (December 22), were taken down.

In the meantime, many Netizens replied that Song Hye Kyo‘s agency might have been the one who asked for this.

People who thought something was wrong said that Song Hye Kyo‘s agency’s response to the photos and videos in the article was not good. They said that Song Hye Kyo‘s age and looks were to blame.

They said, “I heard that they took down another picture because the agency didn’t react well today. It’s pretty controversial right now.” They also said, “Whenever there’s a bad reaction, they just take down the post. Their community management is not a joke.”

On December 22, Xports News contacted Netflix and asked them to check the facts about the videos and photos in question.

First, Netflix said, “This video was made to show our appreciation for how much the audience loves K-Content this year, with a focus on the work that came out in 2022. But it was taken down because it included the work “The Glory” before the show came out.

Regarding the character poster post, Netflix also said, “While trimming the phrase on the poster, something that wasn’t the final version went up in the process of editing and sending it back and forth. We took it down because of that.”

It also said that Song Hye Kyo had not asked for anything else. Stories that can’t be proven tend to spread as fake news. When fake news comes from unknown sources, it causes a lot of trouble quickly.

The Glory,” a Netflix show that comes out on the 30th, tells the story of a woman who was broken by violence as a child and her desperate plan for revenge, as well as those who get caught in the whirlwind.

Song Hye Kyo plays the part of Moon Dong Eun, who put her life at risk to come up with a perfect way to get revenge after being a victim of terrible school violence in high school.



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