Red Velvet’s Wendy and Twice’s Momo Both Wore the Same Top in Very Different — Yet Equally Chic — Ways

They both appeared stunning.

The same holds true for Korean fashion as global fashion trends are constantly evolving. K-Pop stars frequently wear the same attire for their schedules as fashion trends come and go.

Momo, from TWICE, and Wendy, from Red Velvet, experienced this.

Diesel’s M-Argaret short sleeve jumper with cutout was worn by both celebrities.

The top has a turtleneck and the brand’s distinguishing chrome D cutout.

The jumper retails for $275 USD right now and comes in a variety of colors.

The attire was originally worn by Momo when TWICE left for Japan in late September.

Momo created the outfit, making her resemble a real-life Bratz doll with a pair of black pants and Mary Jane-inspired heels!

For her teasers for Red Velvet‘s most recent song, “Birthday,” Wendy donned the top.

The top was drastically cropped, and Wendy‘s midriff was covered by the hem.

Wendy‘s outfit was a little more daring, with knee-high boots and a miniskirt in pink and black.

Do you have a preferred style among these two queens’ trendy outfits?



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