Netizens cannot contain their laughter over BLACKPINK’s parody of Taeyang’s viral video

The BLACKPINK members appear to be anticipating the return of BIGBANG Taeyang, their favorite sunbae musician!

Prior to their big performance, the girls were recently observed enjoying a sound check rehearsal for their global tour stop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jisoo chose to mention Taeyang‘s well-known meme, the “Yeoreobun” meme, when she bade some fans in the sound check throng farewell.

Rosé and Lisa laughed when Jennie joined them, but ultimately the girls decided to add their own flair to Taeyang’s method of fan greeting:

Netizens then commented:

“I’m about to pass out, “Not the Yeoreobun!

“They know about the meme kekekekeke,”

“Is there any international fan tonight kekekekekeke,”

“Who said ‘Stop’ kekekekekeke,

“Back in the day I used to do that with my friends all the time kekekekekeke,”

“Jisoo is seriously so funny kekekekekeke” are all examples of phrases that make people laugh out loud.

You must view the original version now, of course!

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