Netizens are worried that SM Entertainment isn’t doing enough to promote aespa

On November 17, aespa celebrated their second anniversary, and fans have been thinking about the last 2 years with the talented group.

SM Entertainment‘s fourth-generation girl group, aespa, debuted after a long line of successful girl groups like S.E.S, Girls’ Generation, f(x), Red Velvet, and more. SM Entertainment is one of the best entertainment companies in Korea.

In their two short years as a group, aespa has done a lot of impressive things. They have made their own way as an idol group with a distinctive metaverse concept.

Fans want to see more of the group after seeing them perform and shine on stages around the world. They have shown they can hold their own at overseas festivals, like when they played at Coachella in April.

In July, they gave a speech at the United Nations’ 2022 High-Level Political Forum about promoting global sustainability, which was another way to show their global impact.

While aespa continues to show how popular and influential they are, fans and netizens alike wonder why SM Entertainment doesn’t seem to do enough to promote the group.

This year, aespa put out their second mini-album, which had the hit songs “Girls” and “Illusion.” Even though the group made a comeback, Internet users noticed that they had only been on music shows four times. Fans are asking questions because of this and the fact that aespa hasn’t been confirmed to perform at any of the upcoming year-end award shows.

Netizens think it’s important for SM Entertainment to promote aespa since the number of important fourth-generation K-Pop girl groups keeps growing. People were sad that the girls couldn’t spend more time doing what they love, which is performing on stage for fans.

“It’s a shame. I really hope to see them on more music shows in the future.”

“Don’t they promote anything else besides music shows?”

“I’ve seen SM artists all year long, but I haven’t seen aespa yet. Even though I don’t like them, I feel bad for them. During their rise to fame, they should have the most things to do. I’m sure the fans are very angry.”

“Why is Aespa the only one who doesn’t want to come out…? I heard that everyone else is a musician.”

“Why do they run it this way? You can’t even call it “superstar branding,” because how can you call it branding if you only go through the music shows twice? I sometimes see them on variety shows, so it’s not like they’re trying to push a mystical concept. What do they look like? All of the 4th generation girl groups are being aggressively pushed and marketed…”

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