ASTRO’s Moonbin Proves That Weight Is Just A Number With How Hot He Looks At 80kg

ASTRO‘s Moonbin has been known for a long time for his sharp eyesight and thin, lean body.

Even though Cha Eun Woo is the “official” face of the group, Moonbin has also been commended for his looks because he always looks cool and handsome.

In recently, however, fans have started to notice that the idol seems to be bulking up somewhat. Not only does it make him look more muscular as a whole, but it also makes his sharp features look a little bit softer.

Some fans aren’t sure how they feel about the change. They are used to his sharp angles and thin frame, so they aren’t sure how they feel about him bulking up.

He weighed 70kg at the time
And this was when he weighed 80 kg

Most, though, are happy with Moonbin‘s change, saying that he looks even better and healthier now that he has put on weight.

Fans have also noticed that, now that he’s built, he seems more confident and at ease. Since he’s been working out a lot more and, supposedly, playing video games less, he should be proud of what he’s done.

“I like 80kg”

“80kg is crazy”

“70kg for me….”

“Wow, his body is insane, no joke. In real life, though, it has to be 80kg”

“Even at 70kg, he doesn’t look 70kg! His muscles are shaking, but I like 80kg better.”

“80kg, but they’re both good”

“That’s crazy… he is definitely a man…”

“We must decide between…? I love them both.”

“I bet that even in real life, he’ll look skinny at 80 kg…”

“80kg Moonbin for me!!! 80kg!!!”

All that really matters is that Moonbin is healthy and happy. He’s always looked great, but it’s even better to see him smiling and feeling good about himself.



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