OH MY GIRL’s Arin Leaves Netizens Shook Over Her Incredible Physique and Body Proportions

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin has been getting a lot of attention lately for how great she looks.

On November 21, a member of the Internet community wrote a post on an online forum forum with the title “Wow, was Arin’s body always this good?

The Netizen then posted a bunch of photos and gifs of OH MY GIRL‘s Arin from her recent public appearances.

They showed Arin‘s slim and attractive body, which got a lot of attention. In one gif, Arin wore a black cropped t-shirt with jeans, which showed off her beautiful body.

In an another gif, Arin can be seen performing on stage in a white cropped top, a pink sweater, and dark wash jeans that showed off her strong abs.

Netizens commented:

Arin’s body was just pretty from the start.”

“She has a very thin waist.”

“A lot of girls seem to like the way Arin looks.”

“I think she is well-balanced because her top half is very thin and her bottom half is heavier. On top of that, she has a nice face.”

“I often look for Karina and Arin‘s fancam because their bodies give them two different kinds of appeal.”

“Both her top and her bottom are very pretty.”

“She’s very skinny.”

“This isn’t a surprise. Arin has always been physically fit.”



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