ITZY Yeji’s Teaser Photos for CHESHIRE Sparks Online Debate Whether She Looks Better With or Without Bangs

The members of ITZY have been busy lately promoting the release of their upcoming EP, CHESHIRE, which will be out on November 30.

In the teasers that have been released so far, the girls look absolutely stunning. They give off an elegant and grown-up vibe that we wish to see in the title track of the album as well.

All the members have put out their solo teaser photos for the comeback so far, and they are perfect for the concept.

Fans have been talking a lot about Yeji’s visuals, especially the bold bangs she wears in the teasers, which are causing a lot of buzz.

With such a feathery hat and kitty eye makeup, she looks just like the cat she is often compared to because of how she looks.

Her teasers have even inspired a post called “Yeji did f*cking well getting bangs” on a Korean online forum. The author just says, “It’s perfect for her,” and many of the comments agree with that.

Yeji is at the top of her game”

“Her hair and make-up look just like mine… I hope to see people with hats and bangs on music shows.

“Freaking pretty”.

“Please wear this bangs just once on music shows. It would be a shame to only use that perfect makeup and hair for photos“.

“I’m glad that she has bangs now. Since her cover with Ryujin, I’ve loved them. I can’t wait for the return. I think they’re going back to the sound they had when they started“.

“I see it more and more the more I look at Ragdoll cats”.

There are some, however, who aren’t as big of a fan, not so much because of Yeji herself, but just because they don’t seem to like such dramatic bangs in general.

“I don’t think she looks good with these bangs, they’re too heavy for her.”

“I think it looks a bit stuffy when idols have bangs like these.”

“I hate to say this because Yeji is my QUEEN and she looks beautiful no matter what, but I don’t think this looks good and she looks much better without them. To be fair, I hate this style of bangs in general and think they make everyone look bad, so maybe I’m not the most objective person for this.”

Yeji has had bangs before. She and Ryujin both had them for their “MIX AND MAX” performance for Studio Choom in June.

No matter how you feel about bangs, but even so, we think Yeji‘s beauty shines through no matter how she’s styled.

What are your thoughts?



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