Chef Gordon Ramsay Makes a Surprise Appearance in YouTuber Song Jia’s Vlog

The British chef Gordon Ramsay and the YouTuber Song Jia (also known as Freezia) from Single’s Inferno recently met!

Gordon Ramsay, a famous chef, arrived in Seoul, South Korea, on November 10, and he went to his new hamburger restaurant at the Lotte Tower in Jamsil. It is the first place of his brand to sell burgers in Asia.

During his three-day trip to Korea, Chef Gordon Ramsay met with several Korean celebrities to promote his restaurants. Fans with sharp eyes spotted Johnny from NCT and Giselle from aespa in his recent Instagram Reels.

He also opened a pizza restaurant where you can eat as much as you want at [email protected], the new flagship store for SM Entertainment.

Song Jia also went to the pizza place owned by Gordon Ramsay. She just posted a video blog about her experience.

She admitted to being a fan of his. Song Jia said that when she went abroad, she waited an hour just to eat a Gordon Ramsay burger.

So, she couldn’t wait to eat the pizza. But Gordon Ramsay showed up in her vlog as a special guest!

With the help of a translator, they had a short conversation, and he complimented her manicure. Also, they made sure to take a photo.


I was giggling the while time this is so nice 🤭 #songjia #freezia #gordonramsay #Pizza #Nails

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Netizens were surprised to see the two of them together. Even though they’re both big stars on reality TV, we never thought we’d see them together.

ASMR and mukbang YouTuber tzuyang also went to the pizza restaurant to see Gordon Ramsay.



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