ITZY’s Ryujin latest photos have everyone gawking at her crazy body proportion

ITZY‘s Ryujin has been gaining attention for her body proportions.

On August 24, one netizen took to an online community forum and created a post titled, “Ryujin’s Body is Freaking Awesome“.

Here, the netizen included photos of Ryujin‘s recent physique seen in ITZY‘s concert oversees photos captured by fans during their “CHECKMATE” concert. 

The netizen wrote, “All of them have great bodies, but why is Ryujin in the middle? Her body is pretty as hell“.

Netizens commented:

The kids of JYP have great bodies.

Ryujin‘s body is so good. She isn’t very tall, but she has good proportions and a lot of volume.

She is so beautiful that it hurts to look at her.

Ryujin really improved so much.

She’s so pretty.

Ryujin‘s height is 163 cm????

Please don’t be perfect beyond a certain point.

But really, TWICE and ITZY are both pretty tall, so their bodies are good. In fact, there isn’t a single kid who doesn’t have a nice waist and legs. I also think that their heights give them all the best proportions that can be made.

The line from Ryujin‘s waist to his hips is pretty as hell. She has good core strength, so perhaps that’s why? When she dances, her hips are well-used.

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