Kim Sae Ron, one of Korea’s most sought actress is now said to be working part-time at a cafe following drunk driving incident

Actress Kim Sae Ron, who had to stop working after a drunk driving scandal, is now confirmed to be working part-time at a cafe.

According to a representative for Kim Sae Ron, “it is true that Kim Sae Ron once worked part-time as life became difficult,” as reported by Maeil Business Star Today on November 4th.

On March 3, popular YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed Kim Sae Ron‘s current whereabouts by saying, “I received a report that Kim Sae Ron is working part-time at a cafe.”

It is well known that Kim Sae Ron used all of the funds she had saved up to pay for settlements and compensation after getting into several drunk driving accidents.

It has been reported that Kim Sae Ron is having difficulty managing the massive sums of money she has received as a result of settlements, advertising fines, and compensation for traffic accidents that she has received since she was a child.

At around 8 a.m. on May 18th, Kim Sae Ron crashed his drunkenly driven car into a guardrail, a street tree, and a transformer in the neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong in the Seoul neighborhood of Gangnam-gu.

Some businesses lost money because of the accident’s disruption of morning commute traffic, which included power outages and signal paralysis.

When responding officers attempted to determine Kim Sae Ron‘s BAC, she refused and instead asked for a blood sample.

The chaeol test concluded that Kim Sae Ron had a blood alcohol concentration of about 0.2%, well above the 0.08% threshold at which license suspension becomes mandatory.

The day after the accident, Kim Sae Ron wrote on her SNS, “I made a big mistake while intoxicated. I caused damage to so many people, including merchants, citizens, and those who restored me. However, I was unable to restrain myself and act responsibly. Sincerely, I am sorry. With a bowed head, he averted his gaze.

Since then, Kim Sae Ron has apologized and offered compensation in person to the owners of businesses and shopping centers that were negatively affected by the financial fallout of her drunk driving accident.

Agency reports that she met with all 30 merchants to finalize compensation but was unable to come to terms with any of them.



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