Netizens found “evidence” actress Park Bo Yeon has been dropping hints about dating ASTRO’s Rocky

Netizens have found “evidence” that ASTRO‘s Rocky previously showed his girlfriend, actress Park Bo Yeon, some love by sending a coffee cart to the set of her drama where she was filming.

On November 1, a post about Park Bo Yeon and ASTRO‘s Rocky began trending on Nate’s community board under the title, “ASTRO’s Rocky sent actress Park Boyeon a coffee truck“.

In the post, the netizen who wrote the post showed an Instagram post by Park Bo Yeon, saying that she wrote on her Instagram story about how cute it was that the coffee cart was a surprise gift “Even though I’m posting this video because I think it’s funny, I would like to thank you again for sending such a big gift to a small person like me. I’ll do better. Love youu“.

In addition, Park Bo Yeon was believed to have cried when Rocky gave her the gift as a surprise. “Bo Yeon, I love you” was written on the sleeves of the coffee cups on the coffee cart. Some of the actress’s co-stars told her, “Don’t cry“, as they filmed her reaction.

He wrote, “I love you, Boyeon-ah
Boyeon-ah, drink this coffee, which is full of love, and get strong!”
The web drama that Rocky and Park Bo Yeon were both in was being played on the coffee truck.
Park Bo Yeon said something about the coffee truck on her Instagram story.

Rocky didn’t say who the coffee cart was from outright, but the screen on the front of coffee cart showed scenes from the drama “Find Me If You Can“, wherein Rocky and Park Bo Yeon both had roles.

Based upon the above interaction and replies between Rocky and Park Bo Yeon, countless netizens are wondering why Park Bo Yeon‘s side hasn’t spoken up to clear up any misunderstandings when Rocky‘s side has already confirmed the dating rumors.

Some netizens commented:

The people who like them are saints. They walk around looking so obvious? How did they keep going?

Don’t people usually write “I’ll support you” instead of “I love you”?

At this point, all they want to do is tell us.

Why didn’t she merely admit she was that into him?

What a show-off couple, but you two aren’t even a couple.

Find Me If You Can“, the name of the drama they did together, was so funny.

She was so willing to drop hints that they had been together before, but then she quickly denied it.

Can they keep their work lives separate from their personal lives? “Bo Yeon, I love you????” Wow, is he for real?

Oh, I guess that’s why all the fans already knew.

You guys can date, but don’t hurt the other people in the group.

It’s like they want to show it offㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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