Yook Sungjae shocks netizens with his steamy kissing scene with Yeonwoo In “The Golden Spoon”

Yook Sungjae and Yeonwoo‘s latest kiss scene in their drama “The Golden Spoon” has netizens blushing!

In the drama’s episode, which aired on October 29, Yook Sungjae and Yeonwoo share a steamy kiss after their characters confirmed their feelings for one another.

Oh Yeo Jin (Yeonwoo) went to see Lee Seung Cheon at a bar where he was drinking by himself. Lee Seung Cheon said he lost to Hwang Tae Yong as he poured out more alcohol.

While they talked, they looked at each other and kissed passionately until they got to the bed.

When Yook Sungjae‘s character took off his suit and slowly pushed Yeonwoo back on the bed and kissed her while she was on top, viewers felt a certain way.

Netizens reacted to the scene, praising the actor’s chemistry. Many netizens demanded that MBC release the behind-the-scenes video.

You need to release a video showing the making of the scene… a long one… or I am going to invade MBC.

I’ll wait for the video of what went on behind the scenes. Just show Yook Sungjae and Yeonwoo, thank you.

The two of them look good together, Yeonwoo is so pretty.

Yook Sungjae, I know he’s good at acting, but Yeonwoo’s acting is really good and her voice is good.

Isn’t she also an idol? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her on stage.

Yeonwoo is really beautiful.

I wish Yeonwoo could do well as an actress because she is so pretty.

Oh, that’s Yeonwoo from MOMOLAND. They both look nice together.

Oh my god, Yook Sungjae is so good-looking.

Wow, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I hope Yeonwoo will do well…. She did a lot of work. She is so pretty and nice.

Both of them can act well and look good, so they work well together.

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