Netizens allegedly found proof VIVIZ’s Eunha underwent double eyelid surgery?

Netizens don’t seem too thrilled about VIVIZ Eunha‘s double eyelids.

It’s rare to find idols who don’t have double eyelids these days. Because of this, many people thought that Eunha‘s monolids, which gave her a soft, cute look, were one of her best qualities.

On October 22, a post about the former GFRIEND member Eunha began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “Did Eunha do her double eyelids?“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “I assumed it was only her eye hole, but after seeing this, it appears to be double eyelid surgery“.

Netizens recently speculated that Eunha had surgery since she now has double eyelids.

Unfortunately, many claimed Eunha has now “lost” her ultimate charm point. On an online community, comments stated:

Crazy. Without them, she looks a million times better.

She’s much more pretty and charming without them.

It’s up to her if she wants to get double eyelid surgery or just use tape, but she looks so much better without them.

She’s more beautiful and fascinating without them.

Anyone can see that she put makeup on her double eyelids. But her fans are doing everything they can to say it’s her eye hole.

Huh? So many people say that her eyes were better before her double eyelid surgery, even though the surgery made her eyes look weird.

Didn’t Yuju and Yerin from GFRIEND also do theirs?

Compared to her debut days, her eyelids have changed.

She did it. If you look at her old photos, they are not the same.

Why did GFRIEND members’s double eyelids all turn out wrong?

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