Netizens put in their votes on whether or not LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha really looks like Suzy

Since her debut, Kazuha has been known to look like Suzy.

Netizens have brought up the fact that Kazuha looks a lot like Suzy in different conversations.

Recently, one netizen started a discussion in a popular online community by asking other netizens to vote on whether Suzy and Kazuha look alike and who they think is prettier.

A lot of netizens joined the online community to share their thoughts on this topic.

A lot of netizens who voted agreed that they were both beautiful, but they did not think they looked the same.

Netizens commented:

Both are beautiful, but they don’t look the same.

I don’t think they look alike either, and I don’t know why people started saying they do.

I think there were other pictures of them together, but every time I looked at them, I didn’t think they looked like each other.

Suzy is so young-looking that I think she’s younger than Kazuha.

Because of the way she was dressed, I thought Kazuha looked like Suzy.

I don’t understand why they are compared.

I’m not a fan but I really think they don’t look alike. People say they look alike, but why?

The truth is that they do look alike. I don’t know why the kids are gritting their teeth to say it’s not true ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Please I’m a Suzy fan, just cut it down.

Don’t be so Suzy-lighting. Kazuha is pretty and charming in her own way, so why do you always try to sell her by bringing in Suzy?

She does have her own vibe though.

What are your thoughts?



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