Taeyeon did the “ANTIFRAGILE” TikTok Challenge with LE SSERAFIM — and it’s seriously adorable

The TikTok dance challenge is the latest thing for K-pop idols to do, and it’s kind of become a must.

When these artists put out a new song, they work with other artists to dance to a short part of it.

LE SSERAFIM just released their second mini-album, “ANTIFRAGILE,” and have been showing off their addictive dance moves on TikTok.

In the latest “ANTIFRAGILE” challenge, the girls are seen doing the challenge with Taeyeon. Netizens amazed by Taeyeon‘s facial expression and think there’s nothing she can’t do.

Fans and netizens commented:

Taeyeon, why did you do so well?ㅋㅋ The LE SSERAFIM kids are also cute.

The way Taeyeon looks is incredible.

Taeyeon is totally off her rocker.

Seriously, I can only imagine Taeyeon.

LE SSERAFIM are so cute, and Taeyeon‘s facial expressions are great.

Look at Taeyeon‘s face, her talent is amazing.

Yunjin is smiling a lot.

Well, the age difference is big, but I don’t see the difference.

So many of Taeyeon‘s facial expressions are great.

Taeyeon is so good at making faces that there is nothing she can’t do!!

Taeyeon and Kim Chaewon are my favorite female idols!

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