Netizens hilariously comment on how “disappointed” they are with NewJeans outfits at 2022 KCON Japan

Netizens are hilariously joking about NewJeans‘s recent stage outfits.

On October 14th, the girl group NewJeans performed their songs on 2022 KCON held in Japan, where they each wore different outfits with colorful designs. On an online community forum, a netizen shared a post titled “NEWJEANS’ hair and makeup at KCON Japan were a disaster“.

In the post, the netizen uploaded a screenshot from their 2022 KCON interview, and the commenters hilariously write how “disappointed” they are by how “weird” these outfits look!

Compared to the wilder and more unconventional outfits that the group has been wearing, these “outfits” were looking relatively “different“, according to the netizens.

Some comments include:

They probably didn’t wear it just for fun, right?

Y2K isn’t this….I’m telling you it’s not.


Did they change cordi? This is so different from their early days…

Even during The Fact, I just can’t understand their concept

The only reason the maknae is cute is because she’s so young. They look like a f**king mess.

Aside from the chicken hat, the hat she is wearing inside and the hat without the glasses are fine.

What are those hats for?

When I look at Haerin‘s clothes, they always look new and different…

Are those hats just props?

What do you think of these outfits by NewJeans?



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