Netizens want more of IVE singing and dancing to NewJeans “HYPE BOY” at 2022 KCON

On October 13, IVE went to Japan for the 2022 KCON and was seen at the Gimpo International Airport.

The next day, on October 14, KCON took place, and the girls performed an excellent snippet of their cover for NewJeans‘ “HYPE BOY,” which is being talked about in many online communities.

The MC asked the members of IVE, who were all dressed in white, if they knew the song “HYPE BOY” by NewJeans. Yujin and Gaeul stepped up to dance, while other members, especially Liz, took care of the singing.

On that day, the members of IVE showed off their charm and a hint of sensuality that fit the song perfectly.

The video of IVE singing and dancing to the song was shared on many social media sites and online communities, where people gathered to praise the girl group.

Netizens commented:

Liz‘s voice tone is really, really good.

I want to hear the whole song sung by Liz.

Gaeul danced wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Was it Liz who sang? Her voice sound is way cool.

Putting aside the dance, their singing was insane.

The more I watch Hype Boy, the more I realize how hard it is to dance like that. It’s hard to look good when you’re dancing.

The tones of Liz and Rei‘s voices go well together.

Have Liz sing the whole song, please.

I don’t think Yujin really knows how to dance ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. She’s funny and cute at the same time.

Liz, please ask her to sing the song as it was written. I really like Gaeul, Yujin, and Liz these days.

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