NCT’s Jungwoo looked like he was in a romantic movie while spotted walking around in LA

Netizens fell in love with NCT member Jungwoo‘s casual style.

On October 9, a netizen made a post on an online community forum called “Wow, Jungwoo is totally awesome“. In the post, the netizen included several photos of NCT‘s Jungwoo when he was off stage and wearing his regular clothes.

Jungwoo‘s looks and charisma set everyone’s hearts on fire, and now he’s showing his fabs everything, not just his arms.

Fans can’t believe how much Jungwoo has improved in the past year, and they are thankful that pull-up bars exist.

Some of the comments made by netizens in response were:

Bibigo Jungwoo.

This picture wasn’t taken by a fansite; it was taken by a fan who was there. The phone camera showed his size.

He’s working alone on a movie.

This made me want to see a teen love story.

I really hope he can get some work with this kind of attitude. He is clean, sweet, pure, and young, but he looks both strong and frail at the same time. This is a complement.

What do you think about Jungwoo‘s sleeveless look?



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