Netizens surprised by RED VELVET’s Yeri’s styles recently, which they think don’t match her personal colors

Netizens realize how important it is to acknowledge your own personal color.

RED VELVET‘s Yeri has become a hot topic because of her outfit recently that don’t match her own personal color.

On October, a post about Yeri began trending on Nate’s community board under the title, “I don’t think Yeri looks good in this style“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “She is pretty, but I don’t think what she likes and what looks good on her are the same thing“.

The netizen added, “This made me realize how important personal color is“.

Personal color is a person’s natural coloring, such as the color of their skin, eyes, and hair. This is often what stylists and makeup artists use to match colors that will look good on their clients.

So, knowing your personal color will help you choose clothes and makeup that go well with the color of your hair, skin, and eyes.

Other netizens also shared their opinion regarding Yeri’s outfit that day, such as:

What a shame, because this kind of style is much prettier.

No, but she should choose her own style. But why does she always want to wear clothes that show off her sternum? Even the last time, she didn’t look good at all in her Dior dress, and people’s reactions were all a mess. Now, she’s back to wearing this kind of outfit.

People need to stop telling idols that they can do whatever they want.

I’m the same way. What I like and what looks good on me are two completely different things. I like how cute and girly those clothes are. But I don’t fit them at all.

It’s a shame that she likes styles that don’t show off her best features.

How should I say this… She dresses in a way that makes it look like she has a “reversal body” or is “hot once you get to know her.” But she has the body of a professional swimmer and a tree trunk for a waist, so this doesn’t show off any of her best features. Instead, it makes her look short.

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