ITZY’s Ryujin has chopped off her hair again, and honestly, that’s all what we want

ITZY‘s Ryujin has become a hot topic because of her short-hair comeback.

On September 30, a post about Ryujin began trending on Nate’s community board under the title, “RYUJIN HAS RECENTLY REACHED THE HEIGHTS OF HER LEGENDARY DAYS“.

The person who put up the post said, “Like everyone thought, Ryujin has short hair. Ryujin has always been beautiful, but when her hair is short, it gives her a sense of power and charm that can’t be beat. So, when ITZY sang ‘WANNABE‘, the crowd went crazy for Ryujin’s performance “.

ITZY just finished their show at Kyunghee University, and there were so many people there that it was crazy. Along with ITZY‘s great live performance, the crowd was so loud that it was hard to hear anything else. This shows how much people love ITZY.

Meanwhile, netizens quickly responded with comments appreciating Ryujin‘s dangerous charisma which is now even more fatal.

It’s true that short hair is Ryujin‘s signature look.. She had the strongest vibe in short hair in Mafia.

She fits short hair like a glove.

Wow seriously f*cking pretty.

Crazy, I got reminded of thisㅠ.

Seriously, she really fits short hair perfectly, wow.

This was pretty too but I found her so so pretty in Loco… Actually, Ryujin is everything.

Seriously f*cking prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

Fans say that “WANNABE” was Ryujin’s most famous time, and now that he has short hair again, another legendary time is coming, especially since ITZY is going on a world tour soon.

She brought back the bob cut and also dyed it ash gray, which she confirmed on Bubble. Her hair is a tribute to “WANNABE,” and it also shows how much she’s grown as a person and an artist. Ryujin used to be a powerful princess, but now she is an undisputed queen.



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