BLACKPINK’s Jennie has an adorable moment with young fans on her way to France for Paris Fashion Week

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has become a hot topic because of her caring nature towards her young fans.

On October 1, a post about Jennie began trending on Instiz‘s community board under the title, “The kids asked Jenny to take a photo with them“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated that Jennie was caught on camera at Incheon Airport before boarding her flight to France for Paris Fashion Week.

She looked ready for the runway in her chic Chanel outfit. Jennie looked great, and she was all smiles for the reporters and fans who were waiting at the airport to see her.

One fan told Jennie she was cute, and Jennie‘s response, which was to dip her head and laugh into her hand, was even cuter.

Photos and videos showed that Jennie‘s security team kept a close eye on her the whole time she was in the airport. This didn’t stop her from talking to fans in any way she could, though.

A bunch of photos taken by fans told the sweet story of one of these encounters. A little girl could be seen running toward Jennie in the background of a picture of her walking through the airport.

In the picture, Jennie was already holding fan letters, but she didn’t know about the little girl behind her.

From a second photo, it looks like the girl found Jennie and brought a friend with her. This is shown in a touching photo with the superstar.

Jennie not only took a picture with them, but she also knelt down next to them and held up a peace sign while they posed.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments appreaciating Jennie’s caring nature towards the kids, such as:

Wowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She took pictures with the kids who were so cute.

How sweet and cute that she bent down for the kids!

The kids who asked for the favor were cute, and so is Jennie.

That they asked for pictures is such a muggle moment. But it’s so cute as well.

I think she took a photo of them because they were kids.

I wonder if she would have taken the pictures if they were adults.

The babies ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

Daebak, unnie, I’m also 5 years old.

Unnie, I’m 4 years old (whiny voice)…

Unnie, I’m 5, so please take a picture with me too.

Jennie could have allowed her security team to respectfully deny photos for safety and time constraints, but instead she took the time to make the small girls’ dreams come true at that moment, demonstrating her caring nature.

In 2017, just one year after BLACKPINK‘s debut, Jennie was named a Chanel global ambassador. This partnership has brought the high-end fashion brand to a whole new audience of K-Pop and BLACKPINK fans around the world.



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