BTS Jimin In His Most Daring Pictorial Made The Fans Heart Race So Hard

BTS Jimin made a hot summer night even hotter with an extremely sexy pictorial.

Jimin’s sexy pictorial, which was released in the first round of the Weverse interview in June, was finally released as a colorful cut exuding the best sensuality in the Weverse Muchbox 8 interview photobook on the night of August 15th.

Jimin hit the No. 1 real-time trend worldwide and cheered fans around the world.

In the published pictorial, Jimin wore a Saint Laurent jacket without an inner, and based on his natural physical condition, he clearly revealed his strong chest and abs, which he had developed through years of exercise and dancing.

Jimin exuded an unconventional raw and extreme sexiness, making fans enthusiastic.

Jimin, with a pomade hairstyle, boasts a face line that stands out with Western masculine beauty and completed a ‘luxury line’ that extends from the forehead to the natural nose bridge and the sharp pentagonal jawline. 

Jimin overwhelms his atmosphere by simultaneously showing his fantastic profile and masculine beauty with thick lines.

Jimin raises one arm at the window where the city view is illuminating, leans his elbow against the window, puts a soft and flexible hand on his lips, and puts the other arm in his pants pocket to show an indifferent but chic charm, and a white bathtub decorated with a golden border.

He captivated fans with his sensuality as he sat with his hands clasped in front of him, revealing his well-developed pectoral muscles.

The deep, deep and intense eyes emanating from Jimin’s long, unmatched eyes were enough to captivate the viewers at once.

Fans say, “My heart is racing in the raw pictorial”, “I slept through the sexy hot body pictorial”, “Please release the high-definition video”, “I need a colorful photo book”, “I’m in a state of confusion with my sexy muscles” , “The boyish face, sexy body, and the ultimate dreamy beauty are all dead” and “I want to have a photo book intensely“, followed by enthusiastic responses from fans, which hit the real-time trend of Twitter around the world.

The keyword ‘PARK JIMIN’ was trending at the top of the world-wide real-time trend at once, and in the United States, ‘PARK JIMIN’ was ranked 7th, hitting SNS and calling an explosive topic.

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Jimin, the owner of ‘Perfect Idol Body’, is a professional figure who maintains a strong and slim muscular body until now, 10 years after his debut. It is receiving more and more love for the sexy pictorial release.



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