Kang Ki Young Who Channels Humorous Pose In His Latest Pictorial Surprises Fans With The Things Park Eun Bin Taught Him

Esquire released the September issue pictorial with actor Kang Ki-young. 

This pictorial is said to have started from a plan to capture the unique charm of a person named Kang Ki-young, and in the photo, Kang Ki-young is wearing a nice suit and is creating a sexy atmosphere with a somewhat humorous pose and expression.

In particular, Kang Ki-young responded to the impromptu idea proposals coming out of the field, saying, “New attempts are all good, so please feel free to do anything.”

Even in his interview, you can get a glimpse of her unique charm. He, who has recently been loved as a lawyer in the ENA drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘, said, “I try not to get excited. I am so excited to see if it will happen,” .

On the other hand, when talking about his understanding of the character Jeong Myeong-seok, he left the impression, “It’s sad to hear the word unicorn (in the sense of a boss who doesn’t exist in reality).” 

He said, “When I took on the character Jung Myung-seok, I acted with the belief that there would be many such good seniors in the world.” 

He said that he also wanted to become a person who had a good influence on someone, and he also pointed out what the work of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ meant for the actor himself.

Regarding the actor Park Eun-bin, who plays Woo Young-woo, he said, “As much as Myung-seok learned from Woo Young-woo, I also learned a lot from Park Eun-bin. It reminds me a lot of Kang Ki-young when I was young,” he said, praising his passion and character, showing special affection and respect for the actors who appeared together.



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