Park Eun Bin Confidently Shows Off Her Bare Face In A Recent Vlog, And She’s Stunning

Park Eun Bin showed off her perfect face without makeup to the point where it was pointless to wear makeup.

On August 12, the official Namoo Actors YouTube channel got a video called “Days of Jeju Island with Eunbin.”

In the video, Park Eun Bin went to Jeju Island to film ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and practiced acting while taking a small break.

Park Eun Bin got a drink that was only available in Jeju and tasted it on the way to his dorm. She didn’t feel bad about showing off her beauty, even in the piece taken from below.

After that, Park Eun Bin went to the bathroom to wash after using disinfectant wipes to finish the first quarantine.

Park Eun Bin, who came back from the shower, immediately focused the attention of the fans. Even after her makeup was taken off, not much had changed.

Even though she had dark circles under her eyes from being tired, she still showed off her unique facial features and baby-soft skin, which made people jealous.

When fans saw the video, they said things like, “Why are you wearing makeup?”, “Your face looks better without makeup” and “It’s crazy that there are no pores or spots at all“.

The last episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, with Park Eun Bin, is set to air on the 18th.



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