Hitomi Honda And Kim Min Ju Seem To Be Enjoying “Date” Time Together In Recent Instagram Update

Hitomi Honda, who used to be in the girl group IZ*ONE, has been given an update.

Hitomi recently posted several pictures of herself and wrote “See you again” in Korean on Instagram.

Hitomi took a selfie of her with her hat on and her hat pressed down tight. She is doing a V pose to show off how cute she is, and the person next to her is Kim Min Ju from the group IZ*ONE.

Hitomi just went to Korea, and after a long time, she seems to have had a relaxing time with Kim Min Ju.

She also shared a video of Hitomi bringing her drinks and desserts and printing out photos of her with Kim Min Ju. Warmth comes from the fact that their friendship never changes.

As IZ*ONE, Hitomi and Kim Min Ju were liked by K-pop fans all over the world.



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