Girls’ Generation MV Director Apologizes Over Claims That “Forever1” Background Set Prop Was Plagiarized

The director of the new music video for a Girls’ Generation song was embroiled in controversy over design theft, and the director issued an apology.

On August 14, the director of the music video for Girls’ Generation‘s new single “Forever1“, Shin Hee Won, posted a lengthy apology on his Instagram account.

Director Shin stated, “First and foremost, I’m sorry that the controversy surrounding the design of certain sets in Girls’ Generation’s ‘Forever1′ music video has strained the members of Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment“.

He continued, “I am only ashamed and apologetic for stealing the design without permission when I was commissioned to plan, direct, and even create a small prop for this music video.”

Director Shin admitted that he stole the image he discovered while searching for a number-related logo design to use on the set of the parade commemorating Girls’ Generation‘s 15th anniversary of their debut without verifying the source.

Today, we confirmed that the design is a logo commemorating DisneySea Japan‘s 15th anniversary, and we sincerely apologize for designing the set without conducting thorough research or confirmation,” he said.

In order to prevent a recurrence of the issue, he added, “We will investigate and check from multiple angles more thoroughly before production.”

Director Shin then repeatedly bowed his head and stated, “We sincerely apologize to the Girls’ Generation members, SM Entertainment, and the fans who enjoyed watching the music video for causing trouble due to our errors.”

Girls’ Generation, who reunited after five years, released their seventh full-length album “FOREVER 1” on August 5th.

At the same time that the sound source was released, it topped the domestic music charts, the iTunes Top Albums chart in 31 countries, the QQ Music digital album sales chart in China, and the Recochoku daily album ranking in Japan.



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