The Boyz’ Juyeon Left Korean Netizens In Awe With This Body Feature

The Boyz’ Juyeon has become a hot topic because of his body feature.

On August 10, a post about Juyeon began trending on Instiz‘s community board under the title, “Lee Juyeon Is Serious… This Vibe is Too Much“.

Because of his appearance, the netizen expressed with attached photos, “He stood like this the whole time they were playing“.

Many are also freaking out, saying that now not only is his visual top-tier, but his body is as well.

Other netizens quickly responded in support with the post:

“Wow… I just saw this on Twitter as well, so I came here”

I’m so mad at myself because I like this so much… ha”

I think.. I’m going crazy….”

Wow, I really said 100 times after the concert, ‘Lee Juyeon is hot'”

“Really, everything he does is hot.”

“Please, Lee Juyeon, take responsibility for me.”

“Straight up a.. FOX”

“I was so happy about how much I liked those pictures that I almost passed out…”

“In real life, his face and mood always look like this.”

“No, but Lee Juyeon has crazy arms. His arms are way too big. He didn’t gain that much weight, so why are his arms so big? I like how his muscles aren’t too big or too small.”

What are your thoughts on the post about Juyeon?



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