Netizens In Love With NewJeans Minji’s “Fresh” Visuals

NewJeansMinji becomes hot topic because of her visuals.

Although NewJeans is known as a group full of visuals, member Minji is quickly being recognized for her incredibly fresh beauty.

On August 9, a post about Minji began trending on Enter-talk‘s community board under the title, “NewJeans Minji’s Journalists Photo“.

The netizen stated in the post with an attached photos, “She’s pretty as hell… I’m jealous“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments:

“This picture says “it was summer” in a nutshell.”

“Since those are photos taken by journalists, how is that even possible…?”

“Freaking pretty”

“She’s pretty as hell.”

“She will also be good as an actress in the future.”

“She looks like a classic beauty, no joke. I like natural beauties’ auras so much”

“Seriously, the most famous beauty ever…”

“Minji’s really pretty with light makeup”

She’s perfect… She’s gorgeous.

“She’s almost only wearing foundation. She’s a real beauty if she looks like this..”

“She could be a tv star.”

“I’ve seen this post at least 6 times, I think. How many times will they put this up?? ㄷㄷ”

“Title: The way NewJeans markets itself is crazy.

  • The things NewJeans Haerin says on TheQoo are crazy.ㄷㄷㄷㄷx6
  • Already, the responses to NewJeans on TheQoo are crazy.ㄷㄷㄷ x9
  • The responses to NewJeans preorders on TheQooa are really crazy. ㄷㄷ x2

Cut it down”

What are your thoughts on the post about Minji?



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