ITZY Chaeryeong Receives Favorable Reviews From Netizens After Changing Her Style

ITZY Chaeryeong is receiving favorable reviews from netizens after changing her style.

Recently, on various online communities, ITZY Chaeryeong‘s styling photos were uploaded during the ‘Sneakers’ activities.

Chaeryeong has shown red hair in her activities, but in this Sneakers album, she worked with black hair and blue hair.

Netizens commented, “She has white skin and black hair, so it suits her well”, “I haven’t been doing this before”, “This promotion is really Liz”, “I think she’s the prettiest these days”, “The red hair was pretty, but the black hair is prettier” left behind

Meanwhile, Chaeryeong’s group ITZY achieved their best performance by ranking 8th on the US Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ with their 5th mini album ‘CHECKMATE’ and the title song ‘SNEAKERS’ released on July 15th.



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