Fans’ Were Worried Over Wonder Girls Sunmi’s Health After Seeing Her Latest Instagram Update

Sunmi, an artist from the group Wonder Girls, has revealed her recent status.

On August 1st, Sunmi posted two photos on her SNS without any other text. In the published photo, she completed her own style by matching a knit crop top with a jean skirt.

In addition, the crop top he wore was tied behind the neck, and Stern drew attention by emphasizing the neckline and right-angled shoulders at once.

Fans who saw this showed reactions such as “It’s really cute”, “Didn’t you say that Sunmi gained weight,?”, “You have to eat well and be active so you don’t get sick”, “How beautiful can our princess Miya get?”

On the other hand, Sunmi released a new song ‘Fever‘ on July 29th and is actively promoting it.

This song captures the fever of love on a summer day in an interesting way. It is known as the day version of ‘Purple Night’ released in June 2020.



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