Kim Woo Bin Gave This Young Actress A Ridiculously Expensive Gift For Her Graduation

Another myth related to actor Kim Woo Bin‘s personality has emerged.

On July 22nd, child actress Choi Yu Ri posted on her Instagram a gift from Kim Woo Bin, who appeared in the same drama.

According to the explanation, Kim Woo Bin asked Choi Yu Ri if there was anything she would like to have as a graduation gift.

When she said she wanted a pencil case, he presented the latest model of iPhone as well as a pencil case.

Choi Yu Ri changed the iPhone’s background photo to a photo she took with Kim Woo Bin and expressed her gratitude.

Choi Yu Ri‘s mother said, “Every time we met at the filming set, I was filled with gratitude for always taking gifts for Yuri, and he gave me another great gift. Thank you. Kim Woo Bin is kind and friendly. He even went and bought the padding with me,”.

Choi Yu Ri and Kim Woo Bin filmed in the movie ‘Alienoid‘.

After she attended the movie premiere on July 18th, she even released a picture of herself with Kim Tae Ri.

The movie ‘Alienoid‘, in which they appeared together, was released on July 20th.



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