Kim Tae Ri Surprised Fans With Newest Pictorial Exuding Vibes That Are Totally Opposite From Her Typical Look

Actress Kim Tae Ri, who is loved for her lovely and refreshing charm, tried to change her image.

On July 14th, Kim Tae Ri’s agency, Management mmm, released a pictorial saying that Kim Tae Ri decorated the cover of the August issue of ‘Elle‘.

In the published pictorial, Kim Tae Ri is showing off her chic charm by wearing a ‘ponytail’ hairstyle while wearing products from her luxury friend Prada.

Befitting the nickname ‘Picture Master’, Kim Tae Ri showed off her unrivaled presence with a unique, deep expression.

Perhaps it was because she was wearing an all-black outfit, she had a darker atmosphere than usual and caught the eye.

In addition, the appearance of Kim Tae Ri’s cheeks, whether it was because she lost weight, is also very impressive.

Many fans responded enthusiastically to Kim Tae Ri’s unusual pictorial, saying that it seems to have been shot with a ‘blackened’ concept.

On the other hand, Kim Tae Ri, who played a big role in the role of Na Hee Do in tvN’s ‘Twenty-five Twenty One‘, will meet fans again with the movie ‘Alienoid‘, which is set to be released on the 20th.

Kim Tae Ri played the role of Ian in ‘Alienoid‘, who carried a pistol during the Goryeo Dynasty and was called ‘a woman who shoots thunder’.

She is expected to take on a character who is good at martial arts, exuding a bold and lively charm.



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