Blackpink Rosé Reveals Her Secret In Maintaining Her Perfect “Mannequin” Body

Blackpink Rosé surprised many with her unrealistic body like a ‘mannequin’.

On Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS SHOW’, which was aired on the afternoon of July 13th, so-called ‘guilty people’ stars who are shaking the fans’ hearts were introduced.

Rosé, who is loved all over the world, was named 2nd in ‘Guilty Man’ on this day.

MC Lee Mi Joo said, “Rosé’s first ‘Ipdeok’ point is her slender body. She is 168.7 cm tall and weighs 44 kg,” drawing attention from many people.

Rosé, who has such a skinny body, added a surprise because the size of Rosé’s clothes was 33 and a half sizes.

Lee Mi Joo said, “Rosé wears a size 33 and a half, which I’ve never heard of,” and said, “She boasts a handful of waists of 24 inches.”

In addition, Rosé’s outstanding plain clothes fashion sense and lovely tone were introduced as another ‘better’ point.

The viewers also expressed admiration for Rosé’s perfect appearance, which does not fall out anywhere.

Meanwhile, Rosé is famous for doing her best to take care of herself.

Rosé said that she likes to eat spicy and stimulant food at night, but put up with it if there is filming the next day.

She said, “If I get hungry the night before filming, I try to be patient as much as possible and not eat anything at all. Even if I do, I try to eat salads.”

Also, Rosé is taking time out of her busy schedule to do Pilates.



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