Actress Kim Go Eun Adopts Abandoned Dog That Was On The Verge Of Death

Actress Kim Go Eun, who is passionately performing in the second season of “Yumi’s Cells” on TVING, adopted a sick, abandoned dog and spread positive influence.

Kim Go Eun‘s heartwarming story was relayed by Mr. A, a volunteer at the Dangjin shelter for abandoned dogs, on June 27.

Mr. A claims that Kim Go Eun is caring for an abandoned dog named Wori.

Wori, who had been abandoned in a sparsely populated area, carried goblin grass and ticks into the shelter. Wori‘s age at the time was estimated to be six months.

Wori was unable to walk normally, and the veterinarian suspected that the cochlea in his ear had been damaged or that he had a congenital brain defect.

In reality, taking in a sick, abandoned dog is difficult. Due to high medical costs, abandoned sick dogs are frequently euthanized because they are not adoptable.

Nevertheless, Kim Go Eun extended a friendly hand to Wori.

Wori was diagnosed with incurable diseases including diencephalon and brain prolapse as a result of bringing Kim Go Eun to the hospital to find out.

Nevertheless, Kim Go Eun decided to live with the unwell Wori as a family member, and Mr. A thanked her for making such a courageous choice.

Those who heard the story praised the extraordinary personality of Kim Go Eun.

When it was announced that Kim Go Eun had adopted the stray dog Wori, and recognitions poured in, she expressed her extraordinary resolve by saying, “I will raise you well“.

In contrast, in addition to Kim Go Eun, there are numerous celebrities who have exercised positive influence by adopting abandoned dogs.

Lee Hyori, along with Hyuna, Dawn, Beenzino, and Sung Hoon, adopted stray dogs and formed a new family.



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