Gong Yoo Serves Major Boyfriend Vibes In His Instagram Post, And Netizens Are Swooning

Gong Yoo opened a photo album once more and reminisced about the past.

Back in time 2” and “Back in time 3” were captions on Gong Yoo‘s official SNS posts from the afternoon of the 11th.

With his shirt off, Gong Yoo is seen playing tennis in the summer heat. Gong Yoo‘s excellent body proportions and rock-solid figure won the hearts of ladies all over the world.

Gong Yoo, on the other hand, showed off the moment he was able to relax while sunbathing at the beach. The menu is the only thing on his mind when he appears in a different photo.

The Netflix series “Sea of Silence,” which was launched in December of last year, featured Gong Yoo.



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