Actor Ji Chang Wook Causes Frenzy With Shocking Appearance On “Immortal Songs”

As a fan of Lee Juck, Ji Chang Wook made a surprise cameo on “Immortal Songs“.

On June 11th, KBS 2TV‘s “Immortal Songs” aired the “Lee Juck” episode, in which Ji Chang Wook featured.

Lee Juck had no idea Ji Chang Wook had entered the stage that day. Lee Juck leaped out of his chair in disbelief when Ji Chang Wook showed up out of the blue.

There were other artists in the waiting area who were astounded by Kim Joon Hyun‘s very lengthy legs. Astonished, they exclaimed, when Ji Chang Wook performed “Laundry”.

When the song concluded, Ji Chang Wook, who had dazzled the audience with his powerful vocals, grinned shyly. Lee Chan Won complimented him on his good looks and said, “Don’t smile!

I’m an admirer of Lee Juck,” Ji Chang Wook admitted. “For me, he’s the best artist working today. As a huge admirer, I’ve listened to all of his songs and even read the fairy tale book he wrote. I was asked, but I had to decline because of conflicting commitments. Ultimately, I made there on time and appeared in this manner on the show because I truly desired to do so“.

That’s why he almost kissed Shin Dong Yup: “He’s so attractive up close“.



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