IU Finally Found The Fan Who Screamed “Who Says You’re Fat?” at a Busan Concert

The identity of the female fan who asked IU in a loud voice, “Who says you’re fat??!!” has now been disclosed.

Recently, a video interview was published on the YouTube channel known as “MMTG.” The video’s subject was “Scolding Song Kang brutally vs. scolding Song Kang Ho, what is Kang Dong Won, Lee Ji Eun, and Lee Ju Young’s choice?” It was uploaded with the phrase “This will give you tearful eyes and a runny nose with Hirokazu Koreeda.”

The cast and crew of “MMTG” were able to conduct interviews with the lead actors Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, IU, and Lee Ju Young of “Broker,” a new Korean film directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. “Broker” is the latest film from Koreeda.

MC Jaejae started off by saying, “I can’t help but mention this video,” and then continued by saying, “The ‘Who says you’re fat??!!’ video“.

At the Busan concert for IU‘s fourth mini-album “CHAT-SHIRE” in 2015, a female audience suddenly yelled out “Who says you’re fat??!!” after IU said, “I think I have gained some weight these days“.

The video that Jaejae is referring to is a video of the audience supporter’s outburst, which can be found on YouTube.

IU reflected on that moment and shared her thoughts by saying, “I had a concert in Seoul the week before that, and I told the fans that I gained a little weight compared to the performance in Busan.” One member of the crowd exclaimed at that very moment, “Who says you’re fat??!!

Immediately after that, when Jaejae added, “We have gotten a video letter from her,” IU‘s expression changed to one of shock as though she could not believe what she was hearing.

The fangirl who sent the video message to Jaejae said the following: “I’m the fan who shouted ‘Who says you’re fat??!!’ at the ‘CHAT-SHIRE’ concert in Busan“, and she continued by saying, “Broker‘ will be out soon, and I’ll surely go see it when it’s out.”

She then stated to IU, “I hope you don’t get sick and work well during your promotional activity“, while holding a cheering message with a lightstick to impress IU.

I hope you don’t get sick and work well during your promotional activity“, she added.



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