Brave Girls Made Another Surprising Reversal By Beating Hyorin To First Place In “Queendom 2”

Brave Girls, the “icon of climbing the charts“, wrote another reversal drama.

In the Mnet entertainment program “Queendom 2“, which was broadcast on the afternoon of May 26th, the stage of “Fantastic Queendom” in the second round of the 3rd contest was unveiled.

Brave Girls, who finished last by placing 6th in both self-evaluation and global voting, performed their best with the thought that it was the last time while feeling anxious about the risk of being eliminated.

The Brave Girls members performed a refreshing and cheerful performance by selecting “Red Sun“, which best describes their story.

Although it was a bright stage, the desperate feelings of the Brave Girls members were felt, and the viewers cried all at once.

In particular, Luda and Yeoreum of WJSN who rarely cry were also crying.

Umji of VIVIZ also showed praise after the Brave Girls stage was over.

Umji said, “I keep thinking about it. The performance is good, but there is no better stage than that if you put your sincerity into it“.

After finishing the stage, the Brave Girls said, “It’s okay to be in 6th place“, he said.

In the final result, Brave Girls took first place, breaking everyone’s expectations.

It was followed by WJSN, LOONA, Hyorin, VIVIZ, and Kep1er.

Hyorin, who had always maintained the top spot, was shocked when she received a shocking ranking of 4th.

Hyorin said, “I think I was a little angry with myself. I also thought that I didn’t know exactly what the fans wanted. What things were lacking and what things didn’t get delivered? There’s still a final stage left, and it’s a shame if I perform well and come down. It looks like it’s going to come off“, she said bitterly.

Brave GirlsYoojung, who took 1st place, said, “Honestly, I was in a state of giving up. I am so sorry to the fans for having such a heart, and I hope it will be an opportunity for many people to see our stage and have hope“.



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