4 Villainous Characters In K-Dramas Who Get A “Happy Ending” Despite Not Paying The Price For Their Sins

Many crimes, including murder, are committed by these villains, but they are not punished appropriately.

Ju Seok Kyung (Penthouse)

Ju Seok Kyung (Han Ji Hyun) has a lengthy history of faults, including school violence, lying, disrespect for the poor, always blaming others, contributing to the terrible death of her own sister, and so on.

Seok Kyung has far too many sins, yet she has a happy ending. She paid almost nothing, regained custody of her birth mother, and did whatever she pleased.

Penthouse” depicts a real estate and education conflict taking place in a 100-story penthouse between an unreachable queen, a “Prima Donna” full of passion who devours everything, and a lady who is racing towards the upper class. They have a great deal of greed that is difficult to satisfy.

Bang Je Soo (Voice)

Bang Je Soo (Kwon Yool), who first appeared in “The Voice 2” as a murderous villain, did not suffer any troubles until the end of season 4 and is set to return in season 5.

While the series’ good guys are repeatedly met with tragic endings, what Bang Je Soo is going through enrages the audience.

Will he pay a high price for his actions in Season 5?

Voice” follows popular detective Moo Jin Hyuk, who is haunted by guilt over his wife’s death and teams up with skilled voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo, whose father is murdered, to solve a new crime while on the hunt for the serial killer responsible for their family members’ deaths.

Kang So Young (School 2015)

Kang So Young (Cho Soo Hyang) is a bossy schoolgirl who regularly bullies and causes problems for Eun Bi and Eun Byeol (Kim So Hyun).

So Young‘s brutal violence also irritated a female pupil to the point of death. The character’s delayed apology and somewhat nice finish in the previous episode were insufficient in comparison to what she did to the two female leads.

School 2015” is about a bizarre case at a school in which the “it girl,” Eun Byul, disappears and reappears with her memory erased. As she struggles to discover herself, the reality about the school emerges.

Boon Ok (Snowdrop)

Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) isn’t a villain, but what she unintentionally caused is tough to forgive.

Because of her petty mentality and usually envious nature, Boon Ok fooled the heroine, the one who was always sympathetic to her.

The entire Korean team, including the male protagonist, died terribly as a result of her deception. Boon Ok, on the other hand, has just regrets at the end of the film and subsequently lives a happy life.

Snowdrop” is the desperate love tale of Su Ho, a prestigious university student who unexpectedly came covered in blood at the women’s dormitory in 1987, and Young Cho, a university student who concealed and treated him in this crisis.



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