Hwang In Yeop’s New Look At Dior Event Under Criticism For Not Doing His Visuals Any Justice

At a new event, the male actor who formerly stunned the audience with his youthful beauty transformed into a “young guy“.

There is no shortage of faces on the Korean screen that are over 30 but yet have a really sweet age; they are not even hesitant to wear school uniforms.

However, not every Korean male actor’s beauty in real life is as dazzling as it appears in the series. Hwang In Yeop, the “bad boy” in “True Beauty“, is one of them.

Hwang In Yeop‘s “right age” attractiveness stunned viewers at the Dior haute couture show on the afternoon of April 30 since it was not “smooth” like in his recent series, “The Sound Of Magic.

Hwang In Yeop has recently been acclaimed by the media for his age-hacking beauty in the teaser photos of “The Sound Of Magic“, shocking everyone with the image of a young, open-minded male student despite his real-life age of 31.

Hwang In Yeop plays Na Il Deung, a good student who spends all day studying and rarely talks to his classmates in the series.

However, his beauty disappointed viewers this time due to his light makeup and greasy hair. As a result, Hwang In Yeop loses or gains points in the eyes of the audience.

Hwang In Yeop‘s bad guy image used to enchant female fans.

Netizens’ comments:

  • Who made my Oppa’s hair appear so greasy, and who believes he’s too lazy to wash it?
  • I’m about to pass out just looking at the photo.Looking at the picture makes me want to faint.
  • Why does he suddenly look 10 years older…
  • Give me back the bad boy of Korean seriess!



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