6 Female Stars Whose Beauty Could Not Be Hidden Even If They Wore Face Masks

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 virus, masks became a must-have item, and the new term “Magician” was coined.

It is a word that combines a mask and a conman, and is used for people who look prettier when wearing a mask.

On the contrary, some people are called “Mahaja” (mask victim) because their beauty is rather covered when wearing a mask.

In particular, many stars with dazzling visuals are considered “Mahaja “.

Let’s meet 6 female stars who are likely to be unfair because they cannot show perfect visuals properly because of the mask that covers half of their faces.

Han So Hee

Actress Han So Hee, who boasts outstanding features and a “hip” atmosphere, is mentioned as a representative “Mahaja” star.

Han So Hee‘s unrealistic nose and attractive mouth are trademarks, so covering them reduces her charm.

Wearing a mask also covers her cheekbones and fine jawline, which makes her face more three-dimensional.

Seolyoon from NMIXX

Seolyoon of girl group NMIXX instantly established herself as the representative beauty of the fourth-generation girl group, boasting her doll-like beauty as soon as she debuted.

Seolyoon‘s dense features and small faces are hidden when she wears a mask.

When she takes off her mask, her superior beauty, which resembles a fairy, shines even more.


Trend icon Jennie is also one of the mask victims.

Jennie‘s unique aura decreases when she wears a mask because her features and face shape are in perfect harmony.

Her small, thick lips are attractive, so wearing a mask also covers her face.

Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min, who is called a “Goddess” among fans, is also one of the stars whose beauty is covered by masks.

Han Ji Min is an actress characterized by white skin, high nose bridge, and small, cute lips.

Her beautiful beauty is 100% expressed only when she takes off her mask.


National singer IU is also a “Mahaja” who does not benefit from masks.

When IU wears a mask, you can’t see her dense nose and cute cheekbones.

IU‘s cute “young face” can shine completely only when she takes off her mask.


Singer Suzy, who is called the pure goddess, is the last runner of “Mahaja“.

Although Suzy has pretty eyes, her signature charm is definitely her rabbit front teeth and cute cheeks that protrude slightly when she smiles.

Her cute and innocent charm is regrettable because it does not show well when she wears a mask.



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