Who’d have thought that “The Heirs'” super-rich couple would go “downhill” like this after 9 years?

A fascinating fact about two celebrities, Kim Ji Won and Kim Woo Bin.

The drama “My Liberation Notes“, starring Kim Ji Won, is now airing and has received positive reviews from viewers.

The actress portrays Yeom Mi Jeong in the drama, an introverted girl who struggles to enjoy life and is in a terrible situation. Mi Jeong‘s father is a farmer, thus she must help the family on her days off.

Photographs of Kim Ji Won from the series “My Liberation Notes”
Kim Ji Won portrays Yeom Mi Jeong’s delicate, feminine looks admirably.
Interesting photo of two actors Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won
The image of Kim Woo Bin in “Our Blues”

In the case of Kim Woo Bin, the audience is currently watching his comeback to the screen in the work “Our Blues.”

In this drama, the actor plays Park Jung Joon, a captain who lives on Jeju Island. He falls in love with diver Lee Young Ok (Han Ji Min).

It is easy to see that both characters Yeom Mi Jeong and Park Jung Joon are ordinary people. And in the series “The Heirs“, if Kim Ji Won plays the lady Yoo Rachel, Kim Woo Bin transforms into the young master Choi Young Do. They were all from wealthy backgrounds and attended the Jeguk High School.

As a result, numerous fans are spreading a spoof photo with the caption “Choi Young Do and Yoo Rachel’s sad life after graduation“.

Isn’t this an intriguing connection?



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