4 Korean Actors Who Break Their Well Known “Signature” Kind of Roles To Bring The Viewers New Experiences

The Korean Star Association has frequently astonished the audience with makeovers while filming.

In addition to the faces that are “lazy to change”, Korean screens also have cases where they work very hard to change their image to bring the audience new experiences.

However, if you don’t just change and break the image, Korean stars will be praised. Because, in fact, there is also a lot of controversy about this.

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun was formerly renowned in the Korean drama industry as the “jewel of the sad series.” Because this Korean star’s name is associated with shows such as “Sad Love Story,” “Faith,” “Women of Dignity,” and so on.

Unlike the previous “safe” designs, Kim Hee Sun experimented with the incredibly awesome Grim Reaper image in “Tomorrow” in this re-appearance.

If the audience was previously impressed by Kim Hee Sun’s rich lady roles, this will be a very different rendition of the story.

Han So Hee

It’s no exaggeration to suggest that Han So Hee’s cool image in “My Name” was a watershed moment in her career.

If the actress had previously stuck to her “nice girl” image, the challenging character Ji Woo helped her name advance, even making her the top candidate for Best Actress at the 2022 Baeksang Awards.

“My Name” is a series depicting Ji Woo’s journey of joining a gang and infiltrating the police under a false name to find the person that killed her father and enact her revenge.

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun, the “King of Korean Drama,” who once made many young girls fall in love with his strong and romantic nature in blockbuster series like “Mr. Sunshine” and “Squid Game”, has abruptly transformed the image of a “country boy” in “Our Blues”.

Lee Dong Suk’s role is distinct from the roles played by Lee Byung Hun on the big screen. Lee Byung Hun, no longer a male action hero, appears clumsy and rural in “Our Blues”.

“Our Blues” is a drama about the sweet and bitter life of everyone standing at the end, peak, or beginning of their lives.

Lee Min Ho

Pachinko” is most likely the title of the series that represents a turning point in the romantic male god Lee Min Ho’s one-color performance.

For a long time, Lee Min Ho‘s portrayal as Koh Hansu assisted him in breaking out from the stereotype of a gorgeous male.

He isn’t even hesitant to perform in steamy scenes in order to convey the character. The actor’s acting, however, has yet to earn a favourable reception from the audience.

However, Lee Min Ho’s efforts to transform into a poor family and villain drew the attention of viewers.



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